Digital Marketing and what I don’t know about it!

I have as much right to post on digital marketing as I do on the economic status of Mumbai. I know nothing about either!  But this post is not about what I know about DM, it’s about the knowledge given to me recently by Digital Main Street Marketing in Hamilton, Ontario. I cannot say enough about their advice and suggestions!  In one hour we touched on SEO, Google algorithms, Google My Business, hashtags, key word and content and more! All of which we will dive into further in the next few weeks so I can beef up my digital presence!  All of this is offered FREE in conjunction with Invest Hamilton Many creatives are just that; creative. Our skills don’t always lie in the digital arena but this program takes the daunting aspect away because you have someone there to guide you!  I am so thankful I found this program and I will be using everything it has to offer!  Check out the links and see how they might be able to help YOU!