Heating pads for back pain

My back is sore.  Just like everyone else in the world right now.  I've worked at home for many years but the extra strain of Covid19 has many people feeling the strain in their bodies more so than ever.  And that includes me!  Especially in the lower and upper back and the neck and shoulder areas.  I feel for you guys because sitting on non ergonomically designed chairs for hours of sedentariness is not conducive to being human!  I'm used to sitting on a sewing chair that at least has a little lumbar support.  But many of you are sitting hunched over and twisted because you are not in our normal office environments and it's starting to effect peoples muscles.  The lower back is being strained from trying to sit up straight and NOT damage our backs.  We are hunching over because our backs or core muscles are tired.  Our upper backs are sore from so much more computer work than we would normally be subjected to.  Necks are and shoulders are sore from the very same things.  I'm hearing it from my customers.  They are hurting.  The Flax Pac is helping these people in so many ways.  The pleasure of working at home affords you to use heating pads such as The Flax Pac WHILE YOU'RE WORKING!  This is not something we are used to, its few and far between that have access to a microwave 24/7 in their office. But you do right now!  We are being asked to do a lot more than what we normally would be and we should afford ourselves a few extra minutes a day for self care!  While families and employees are working at home and managing kids, parents, finances and Covid19, stop and take some time for yourself.  For your health.  For your mind, body and spirit.  Set routines.  USE HEATING PADS while you work so you won't suffer with lower back pains.  Upper back pains.  Neck and shoulders tingling because of so much extra work.  Take walks and stretch your muscles and clear your mind. You can re heat our Flax Pacs 4 times a day to help you into a routine of self care for your back pain!  You will be amazed how much longer our heating pads stay hot to soothe your sore muscles than our competitors heating pads.  A little shake when surface temperature decreases and you'll be enjoying that heat trapped within the small seed decreasing the time you need to go back to the microwave to re heat. Try them for yourself and please stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask!

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