Working at home with kid in the house during Covid-19

Like millions across the world... I have my kid at home. In retrospect, we were very lucky. Our daughter was about to start her first year of college when Covid hit. She was accepted into Broadcasting for Television and she was really happy about it but we decided to defer her year because of the pandemic and we wanted her to get the college experience. Plus, she sucks at online learning! Well folks, little did I think that also meant my 18 year old was gonna be home for a year! With work being difficult to find, she is working two shifts a week at a local store. And really, it's killing me! The child is driving me out of my mind! I say child because lets be real... you are still a child at 18. A legal child but a child nonetheless! A moody, cranky child! At first I though, OK, she'll sleep til 2pm and her moody self will be out of my hair. Well, yes, that's happening but now I find myself being royally annoyed by the 2pm for the win sleepathon! You'd think an outrageous amount of sleep would put her in a better mood but sure enough, every morning down comes Mrs. Moody Pants. She is usually turtled into a hoodie that reminds me a Kenny from "South Park". It wouldn't be so bad if Kenny's face was pleasant but alas, it is usually some version of a resting $#!@* face! There is grunting involved. Feet shuffling. Moaning is often accompanied with having to do such strenuous things like getting the milk out of the fridge for coffee. This output of energy will ultimately have her stretching herself waist up across the counter because apparently 17 friggin hours of sleep isn't enough to keep erect the upper half of her body! Next will come a "Mooooommmmmmmmmmm" grunt, moan, foot stamp a bit for dramatic effect combo! This is where I take a breath! A very large, deep breath! "Yes babe"


"Yes babe"

" I friggin hate the mornings"

Breathe Candace

I refrain from reminding her its now like 2:15 pm. What's the point? I'm 99% sure that would get me even more heavy foot stamping or something even more irritating!

"I know babe, mornings suck" I say, mentally crossing my fingers that this pacified statement I use almost every morning will still work.

And its strange because it almost always does!

As I watch my moody, b$#&^y, cranky, grunting, foot stamping 18 year old shuffle back up to her room, I say a little prayer thanking the "higher uppers" that's she home and safe .... and I ask for a strength to endure her reappearance for lunch around 5pm!! LOL

Breathe Parents #wegotthis




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