"Got a Flax Pac for my Dad at Christmas and he can’t stop raving about it! He is not the type to try ‘new’ things, but he warmed it up in desperation one evening, and said he was feeling much better in no time - something drugs and massage inserts have not been able to accomplish. Thank you!"

"Beautifully crafted, and securely packaged. I highly recommend this shop"

"This product is wonderful! I’m a return customer because these Flax Pacs are great and other family members wanted them. They also make lovely gifts. They don’t burn or have an odors the way other brands do. I’ve used them for years (daily) and they LAST! Excellent quality, craftsmanship, and wonderful customer service. Highly recommend!"

"Wonderful product! Very well constructed out of high-quality materials. Smells lovely and makes my back feel so good! Thanks so much. Off to buy a small pack now!"

"These heat bags are the best I’ve ever purchased. From the generous size to their heat retention, I can’t recommend them enough. I own 3 and they all get used regularly."

"I am very happy!  The Flax Pac is perfect!"
"I just wanted to send you a quick note of huge thanks for the Flax Pac! I absolutely love it. As someone who suffers from a lot of chronic pain, it is so helpful, comforting, soothing, and relaxing! Thank you for this great product. I won't hesitate to recommend it to others and am hoping to save up to buy some gifts too :)  Thanks again!"
"Excellent and super useful!"

"Bought as a gift for a friend.  Super fast shipping AND she loves it! I'm told it smells wonderful (as I purchased the lavender smell option).
Highly recommend!"

"I already have two of yours but lately my husband has been using them so I'd like one more in unscented.  I usually like the darker, neutral ones, but I'm not overly picky!  Thank you!  I'll never use a Magic Bag again :) "

"I purchased a Flax Pac at the Etsy Made In Canada in Ottawa and it’s AMAZING! I used to use a Magic Bean bag for my cramps, but I switched to the Flax Pac, it works wonders and smells amazing! I will definitely recommend this and buy more once I over use this one!

"I love my Flax Pac. It's so well made, it is stuffed with just enough flax and it even looks great! Highly recommended"

"Great product and great customer service"



"A great product! Works wonders and looks awesome!"

 "Hi there, I purchased one of you flax packs a few weeks ago and love it!"

 I looooove my Flax Pac! It smells divine, holds heat for a long time, and is a great length. I like being able to wrap my Flax Pac around my shoulders (and still walk around without it falling off!), it is perfect for stomach cramps as I can reach both my back AND my stomach at the same time, when wrapped around my side. Beautiful fabric selection and product design. Great customer service! The whole Pac(kage)!

 "So easy to use, soothes all aches, is very durable and well made. I've given flax pacs as teacher gifts for years. Highly recommend The Flax Pac."

 "Love my flax pac I have them in both sizes after a long day of work in front of the computer nothing better than your flax pac on your neck and shoulders . I also use the larger size for my lower back Another great way I use my flax pac this comes Handy in winter Is I warm it up And put it in my bed there is nothing worse than getting in a cold bed you can also place it at the bottom of your bed if you have cold feet .what’s great is you can either warm it up or put in your freezer and have it cool depending on what you need or prefer . Great product can’t go a day without it ♥️"

"Love it! It stays warm for quite a while and I noticed a big improvement in my back after using. I have arthritis and it has brought me some relief. Love the size as well. Covers my sore back perfectly. And its comfortable to recline on. Oh and it smells lovely!!! Highly recommend!"

"I ordered The Flax Pac to be sent to my parents and mother-in-law for Christmas, since we live in the US and were unable to come home for the holidays this year. Our parents were so thankful to receive them - well-made, shipped in plenty of time to get there before Christmas (so relieved!), and the small additional fee for gift-wrapping was well worth it, with beautiful gift wrap and a hand-written note of our message. I'm really glad that I came across this shop, and would certainly order again from The Flax Pac if needed."



We do have ONE bad review 

Here is how we handled it

"I received my Flax Pac damaged (multiple holes in it) and when I received the replacement order it was the wrong item (scented, when I ordered unscented)"
The Flax Pac (owner)
9 weeks ago (December 2020)

We apologize that Canada Post damaged your first pack in transit - as you know, we have no control over their distribution or handling of product once it’s in their hands. Although we are not obliged to replace our packs free of charge including shipping cost when CP damages an item until a resolution with them has been completed, our policy is to replace first (usually with proof of photo. If you recall, we didn’t reply to your offer of photo proof as we were too busy at the time and replaced it in trust without proof of damage) This way our customers do not have to deal with Canada Post customer service department and wait weeks sometime for a resolution. We apologize wholeheartedly for sending you the wrong scent with your replacement pack, to which you have been fully reimbursed. This does not excuse our error however during this unprecedented Covid year, to keep up to pace we’ve had to hire 4 additional helpers to manage the load. Although the hiring was good for our current economy, it did cause an error or two along the way (1 other pack had the wrong scent as well and 1 pack has been misplaced by CP) as we had limited time for training with the onslaught of online ordering small businesses have had to manage this year! Having said that, I would be remiss if I did not mention that those extra hires worked tirelessly to help The Flax Pac through this difficult Christmas year. We truly regret that you had a disappointing experience with The Flax Pac as we strive daily to offer our shoppers the best customer service possible.
Sincerely Candace @ The Flax Pac