Heating Instructions

Small Pack

  1. Fold in 3

  2.  Place wrap in center of microwave

  3.  Heat for 45 seconds

  4.  Remove and agitate

  5.  Repeat one more time    


Large Pack

  1. Fold in half

  2.  Place wrap in center of microwave

  3.  Heat for 1 minute

  4.  Remove and agitate

  5.  Repeat one more time    

Will The Flax Pac stay full behind my neck?



 Where is the flax and lavender from?

We purchase Canadian grown flax seed and lavender 


Can your Flax Pac burn in the microwave?


The short answer is yes. Every persons microwave has a different wattage, some are stronger than others. If you know your microwave is extremely hot, heat your heating pad in shorter intervals. Having said that, we have tested many Flax Pacs, heating them for long durations and have never been able to make one burn!  


What type of fabric do we use?

We use 100% medium weight cotton. 

Thicker cotton will allow the bag to hold temperature for a longer period of time and avoid stretching


Can the heating pads go in the oven?

Here are the instructions:


  1.  Preheat your oven to 300 degree
  2.  Lie flat, wrap in tinfoil and place on a baking sheet 
  3.  Set your timer for 10 minutes
  4.  Remove and agitate up and down
  5.  Set your timer for another 10 minutes
  6.  Remove and agitate again
  7.  Repeat to reheat


Can the Flax Pac go in the washing machine?


You can spot clean it with a pen like the Tide to Go pen.

We are currently working on adding sleeves to our product line