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Flax Seed and Lavender Heating & Cooling Pack 


The FLAX PAC MICROWAVABLE FLAX SEED HEATING & COOLING PAD is channeled for even seed distribution.

We only use 100% medium weight cotton fabric. It holds its shape better than quilting cotton or flannel.
It is also the safest for the microwave.

Flax Seed contains a 30-40% oil content. It is for this reason that flax stays warmer longer than a grain filled product such as rice, buckwheat or cherry pits.

When heated, a FLAX PAC can retain heat for up to 35 minutes, providing an even, moist heat while adding comfort and relaxation to your day.

The FLAX PAC can be used for many health issues or concerns including but not limited to


Chronic Lower Back Pain


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Reducing Inflammation

Joint Pain

Muscle Cramps

Lyme Disease

Migraine & Headache Sufferers



High Stress

Menstrual cramps

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sports injuries

Promote better sleeping habits


Digestive Issues

Pregnancy Including post
partum depression



Hot Flashes

Promote relaxation


Flax Seed comes from a herbal flower called the Linum usitatissimum. This flower is also used to make hemp due to its fibrous nature. Because flax seed comes from a flower and not a vegetable, it eliminates the musty smell you get from rice or other fillers containing water. Our flax seed and lavender are both CANADIAN GROWN.


Small Pack

Fold in three

Place in the center of the microwave

Heat for 45 seconds

Remove and agitate

Repeat heating and agitate steps

Large Pack

Fold in half

Place in the center of the microwave

Heat for 1 minute

Remove and agitate

Repeat heating and agitate steps

Oven Method

Preheat Oven to 300

Wrap in tinfoil and place on baking tray

Heat for 8 minutes

Remove and AGITATE while still in tinfoil *USE OVEN MITTS*

Heat another 8 minutes

Remove with oven mitts

Remove foil

Test temperature

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