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Flax Seed and Lavender Heating & Cooling Pack 

Heat Packs

Heating pads are very therapeutic as is lavender.  Our heat packs are better than anything you will purchase in the pharmacy.  Where most contain water filled grains like rice, buckwheat or worse those little plastic environment damaging beads, our microwavable heating pads are made with flax seed and dried lavender flower.  Flax has a 30-40 percent oil content so your heating pad will stay hotter much longer than any water filled grain product.  Water evaporates much faster than oil so your pack will be effective much longer.  Lavender is well-known for its healing properties.  It is known the world over for its ability to help you relax for a good night sleep.  By using dried lavender flower instead of essential oil, you will enjoy the smell of that calming lavender effect so much longer than an essential oil could provide.  The Flax Pac comes unscented as well.  Our heat packs can also go in the freezer.  They are great for reducing inflammation, soothing aching muscles, sports injuries, reoccurring joint pain and many other ailments.  You have probably been using your heating pad far too long and don't realize how ineffective your heat pack has become.  You will feel an incredible difference in the fabric quality of our heating pads and more importantly the effectiveness.  Click on any Flax Pac in the product page to watch a video and get even more info on the fabric, channels and product construction.  Read our customer testimonials to see what other online shoppers have said about our heat packs! 

Buy one and you'll see the difference for yourself!  

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