Our Story

Our story started when we discovered that our teenage daughter had idiopathic scoliosis.  With a short time period to straighten out her spine, she started intense physio therapy.  After her sessions, her spine and back were sore.  The heating and cooling pack we had was not sufficient for her discomfort.  As any mother would, I went looking for a better alternative for her.   I knew what she needed and what features I was looking for that would help her the most.  I didn't find exactly what I was looking for.  I have been sewing one project or another since the age of 14.  Having confidence in my sewing capabilities, I took to my machine to create the kind of heating and cooling pack that I though would help my daughter.  I also wanted something that would match my modern home decor.  When I was done, we quickly realized how effective the pack I had created was for the neck!  And this is how The Flax Pac was born!  We made the back pack shortly there after, another pack my daughter sorely needed and we now had a line of Heating and Cooling Packs that we believe are far more effective in design and quality that anything you will find at your local pharmacy!