Canadian Manufacturing in the Handmade Industry

Working at home alone offers you time to think while you tend to your daily tasks.  I often day dreamed about scaling up and what that would look like if it ever happened.  I realized that although it wasn't going to start on a grand scale, it was still Canadian manufacturing.  I would be outsourcing my work to Canadians.  They would be working from home instead of in a factory.  The money would be going directly into the pockets of Canadian and the product would be made right here at home.  That is the very definition of Canadian manufacturing.  I'm happy to say my daydream became a reality just over a month ago.  All that imagining what my company would look like when it scaled up and started using local sewist to produce part of our product worked in my favor as I already had the framework all settled in my mind.  Putting the pieces together was really just a methodically putting in motion of a set of already thought out ideas.  I have 4 sewist.  Not grand, I get it but it's just a start!  I truly believe that.  One of my sewist is about to be a new mom.  One is a single mom doing her single mom thing which is hard at the best of times.  One is a mom and along with her husband, raise their 2 school aged children and the last is a busy maker herself.  Each and every one of these women have something about their life that has them wanting to work at home.  I feel proud to be able to offer that option.  It was a main principle around my idea of bringing Canadian manufacturing back to the handmade industry.  So many of us makers overload ourselves with the physical work of making our product, the financials, the social upkeep, procurement of our goods, sales etc. and we burn out.  If you have decent margins and are willing to give a little more of those margins to someone else, you can afford to structure your business around a model that includes Canadian manufacturing of your products.  That's what I wanted for myself and my The Flax Pac. and that's what I'm going to continue to try and achieve!  Wish me luck!

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